Sedan Post Office

The Sedan Post Office was established in 1891 using the name suggested by Josie Woosley taken from county seat of where she was raised in Kansas, according to Warren Reichman.

Josie and Josh Woosley operated a post office out of their house where Verna Lu Landis now lives. Mail was brought by horseback from the Kaiser Half-way House about 1 1/2 miles this side of the present town of Wilsall. Apparently there weren't little boxes for each person's mail. People just came to the house and asked for their mail.

James Woosley served as Postmaster from February 26, 1891 - July 19, 1897

Josh served as Postmaster from July 20, 1897 until July 15, 1915, but Josie took care of most of the mail while Josh was out working. If people came for their mail at dinner time, Josh would invite them to to stay for dinner.

In 1915 the Sedan post office was abandoned, when a mail route was established
from Wilsall.
Wesley Inabnit's store was a mail drop where some people picked
up their mail.

In 1927 Atticus "Ike" Sanders received the appointment for the rural letter carrier for the Sedan route which he held until 1954. He lived in Wilsall and was said to have delivered love letters for Anita Inabnit and Tim Petterson without stamps. He smoked cigars and Pearl D'Ewart spoke of receiving her mail with it always smelling of smoke.

In 1948 - 1949 Adrian Inabnit was hired to haul mail to and from Sedan on a pack horse as the weather was bad. Allen Woosley was also hired to haul mail to Sedan at various times.

1954 Chuck Hewitt took over the route from Ike.


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