Other Sedan Area Schools


West Side of Flathead Valley later East Flathead School then Pass View School (District #66)

In 1894 and 1895 Josephine Reichman taught school at West Side of the Flathead Valley (east of the Flathead Pass) which later became known as East Flathead School and then Pass View School. Josie, Warren Reichman's grandmother had an 8th grade education from Bozeman.

February 28, 1911 Residents of West Flathead Valley petitioned for and were granted a new school. The new school district organized and designated as East Flathead School District #66 finally became recognized as an official school after years of operation.

The Gallatin County Superintendent's office said the old records were destroyed. This school was located where Frazier Creek combines with Flathead Creek on the Chriske ranch owned by Guy.

Gallatin County School Census Records for 1911 list Mrs. Vinnie Meeker as the clerk.

Phelan L. "Phil" Lamson was the clerk listed on the School Census Reports of Gallatin County for Sedan District #66 in 1911 and 1912.

On April 16, 1921 residents vote in favor of Flathead School consolidating with Sedan School.

In her book, "Gallatin County Places and Things Present and Past" Second Edition (1994) Grace Bates notes, "East Flathead - District #66 - 1911-1921 - Sec 36 T3N R6E: There were 3 to 8 students from 1912 to 1920. In 1921 the school closed. The district transferred to District #38, Sedan in 1921.


East Flathead School/Pass View School Students

Mark Hargis
Eunice Hargis
Pauline Hargis
Ardyce Josephine Inabnit
John Radford "Jack" Inabnit (
was said to have attended 8th grade 3 times; once himself, once two years later with Laurel, and again another two years later with Wesley)
Laurel Inabnit
Lloyd Inabnit
Wade P. Inabnit
Wesley Inabnit
Gilbert Raynor
Everett Reichman
(attended both East Flathead School and Sedan School in the 1920s)
Dorothy Shelhamer (listed on a report card from Pass View in 1916)
Shelhamer Boys
(were mentioned as having fought with the Inabnit boys at Pass View School)

Some of Ardyce's memories At the Pass View School she recalled:

1919 - 1920 Miss McMurtry was the teacher.

1920 - 1921 Ardyce Inabnits 's first grade teacher was Miss McDowell. The year was memorable because a boy (unnamed) sat in front and kept turning around to watch Ardyce and when she sneezed the boy complained that she spit on him. The teacher was dressed in the fashion of the day; tall boots laced up over the calf. She came back to settle the issue by grabbing Ardyce's hands to stand her up and she kicked her shins several times."

1921 - 1922 Miss Street "Streety" was the teacher. In the winter Ardyce trailed her older brothers, Laurel and Wesley to school by following in their footprints. Of course, since they were at least five years older and thus much bigger, their footsteps were almost farther apart than Ardyce could reach, so she'd slide from one track over into the next.

During the high water runoffs the creek would deposit sand in the school yard, so the kids would play house by marking out the kitchen, bedrooms, etc. in the sand. In the winter snow would make great drifts out behind the willows along the creek. The big kids would make forts and rooms in the drifts.

One year all the kids played hooky on a spring afternoon. Ardyce couldn't recall if there was any punishment for that.


East Flathead School/Pass View Teachers

Francis (Orth) Inabnit
Miss McDowell
Miss McMurtry
Josephine Reichman
(taught 1894 and 1895 with an 8th grade education from Bozeman School)
Miss Street "Streety"



Sagebrush School/Sunnyside School a.k.a "Sunshine" School(District #65)

*Kay Seitz's History of Sedan list this as District #63, however, Whelan Lamson, School Clerk's report documents it as being District #65

Sagebrush School was located 2 miles north of Sunnyside School and later consolidated with Sunnyside School This school was often referred to as "The Sagebrush School," and also "The Sunshine School."

In her book, "Gallatin County Places and Things Present and Past" Second Edition copyrighted in 1994, Grace Bates notes, "Sunnyside - District #65 - 1911-1944 - Sec 6 T2N R5E: The school was called "Sagebrush" from 1911 to 1919, and the early location was Sec 3 T3N R7E. It was called "Sunnyside" after 1919. The student numbers from 1912 to 1925 were 8 to 2 students with 16 in 1920. The school closed in 1926, and the district went to District #38 Sedan in 1944.

In the late teens/early 20's Sunnyside School District #65 was designated on Muddy Creek near Kister-Hardy Reservoir. This school was later moved closer to the Kirk residence as requested by Arthur (Skip) & Emma (Maddox) Kurk, they lived at Little Muddy Creek and had seven kids. It was moved by skids and two steam engines. It took "a good while" to move "for they had to stop every two blocks distance and build steam again to pull. Must have either been awful heavy or poor skids under it," according to the Sedan Community Country Cookbook (1989). The school ended up about two miles closer to the Kurk's house about four miles north of Sedan on Dry Creek. It only operated another two or three years, and then the Kurk children attended Sedan School. The foundation of this building could still be seen as of 1997.

1932 Sunnyside School closes - Wendall Francis buys the building and moves it to his ranch.


Sunnyside/Sagebrush School Students

Lavina Kurk
Mildred Kurk

Helen Schaefer
Josephine Schaefer
Melinda Schaefer
Thelma Schaefer

The Kurk and Schaefer girls transferred to Sedan School when Sunnyside closed in 1932.

Iva S. Roggow, clerk listed on 1912 Gallatin County School Census Report for District #65.


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