About the author (Linda M. Zupan):

My husband Dewey and his family are now ranching in Sedan. We arrived in 1993 and have been fascinated by the history of the area, the beauty of the mountains and the hospitality of our neighbors.

I was inspired to compile this information when a friend of ours, Tony Vasic, Sr. recalled so many special childhood memories of coming to Sedan from Bozeman. He would stay with the Rexroat family who later became his relatives as he married into the family. He also spoke fondly of the Inabnits. It is during one of these conversations that I first heard of the "Cheese Factory," which was only the beginning of the intriguing things I have learned about Sedan.

My research was begun in the fall of 1995 after Bev (Landis) Baver put me in touch with Warren Reichman, former resident and historian. This site was created a few years later in honor of Warren and Allen "Gump" Woosley, who at the time, was the oldest living native of Sedan.

We currently ranch on land that has quite a history of its own as parts of the land were once owned by Alfred & Ethel Wilson, H.R. Reichman, J.T. Davidson, Wesley & Myda Inabnit, Stan & Ann Seitz and Bernard Beckner (not necessarily in that order).

The land known in later times as the main Seitz Place has changed hands a few times since they had it. Gays from California owned it and ran it as the "I Am Third Ranch," and the "Trinity Bridger Cattle Company," and it was also the "Wilderness Treatment Center" for a short time.

My brother-in-law Larry Lippon bought the ranch in 1992 for his wife Cindy (Zupan) Lippon who is my husband Dewey's sister. Cindy's brothers Tim and Dewey manage the King of Hearts Ranch. Tim and his family and Dewey Zupan and I live on the place full time and it is again being run as a working cattle ranch!


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